How Seasonal Changes Affect Your Skin

a woman lips painted in orange lipstick with water running over her face

According to dermatologist Joshua Zeichner of New York City, “rapid weather changes can take a toll on our skin as it adjusts to the new environment.” The skin will have to work harder to retain proper hydration as cold weather and wind start to set in.

So, as we go deeper into the fall season you may have noticed that your skin it’s no longer looking or feeling its best. Dullness or rough patches from the dryness start to appear. This dryness makes the skin more sensitive than usual. As a result, it can cause facial cracking, which frequently results in infection.

No doubt that none of these sounds pleasant and dealing with these concerns it’s probably uncomfortable.

Why Your Skincare Needs To Be A Top Priority During Seasonal Changes?

Seasonal changes are beyond our control, but it doesn’t mean our skin have to suffer these changes too. Here are five tips to care for your skin during this fall season. 

Limited Showers

It is strongly advised that you keep showers to no longer than five minutes.

The usage of a mild soap or a nourishing body wash could nurture and soothe the skin. For instance, goat milk soap is a powerhouse of skin loving components, keeps skin nourished and hydrated thanks to its non-stripping properties.

Use Gentle Skincare Products

We believe that an all natural organic skincare is the way to go. Consider for your morning and night time ritual to switch your usual face cream for a facial oil such as our Metamorphosis or Transcendence facial oil. Further, for an additional boost of hydration during your day a nurturing facial mist will be a perfect on the go solution.

Use a thick moisturizing body cream to help your body to retain moisture and to build a barrier on your skin. Don’t forget to apply the body cream or oil to your entire body after getting out of the shower. These should aid your skin to stay soft, smooth, and free from irritants.


Dehydration and inflammation hurt the general health of your skin. So, drink a lot of water daily so that your body stays hydrated and your skin will look and feel its best. Avoid sugary drinks yet enjoy that pumpkin late!

Moisturize Your Lips

The skin on your lips is thin, it is more prone to dryness compared to other areas of the skin. The combination of cold air and chilling wind outside and heating inside make your lips dry and tight. Avoid chopped lips this fall.

Fix The Summer Damage

Our skin tends to become oily in the summer, and when that oil vanishes in the fall, we have to deal with the relics that an entire season of exposure to the sun has done to our skin. When summer ends, you’ll need some deep cleaners. If you notice, the pores might appear wide and blocked.

The most crucial thing to remember is that your skin type might change as the seasons do. Your skin might be oily in the summer, but when fall approaches, you can notice that it becomes less oily, consequently dry. 

So, keep an eye on these changes because you might want to show your skin some extra love and adjust your skincare ritual.
In the mean time, stay hydrated, keep your skin moisturized, and continue to show yourself love and appreciation.