My beauty subscription boxes are filled with a variety of handpicked organic, nontoxic, cruelty-free, ethically sourced products. She The King is born from the personal desire to bring more awareness on the concept of beauty from the outside in. Because sometimes we need to experience beauty on the outside to awaken our inner beauty.

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your mindful self-gift

This is where a feel-good act of kindness to yourself starts. Create your profile and I will try my best to deliver semi-curated beauty products that might help you connect and identify with the unique YOU. If you are gifting to a loved one and are not sure about their preferences, do not worry, this is a thoughtful gift, and they will know it!

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  • One Season Subscription Plan

    One Season Skincare Subscription

    Unconditional Self-Love

    Give yourself some sacred moments.  Discover organic and natural products that have been crafted in small batches. Skin care that smells and feels heavenly. 

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  • two seasons skincare plan

    Two Seasons Skincare Subscription

    Glowing Together

    Glowing together is about taking steps towards self-care and self-love✨ Self-care is how you take your power back. Choose this plan to get your seasonal beauty box this fall and winter season!

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  • All Seasons Subscription Beauty Plan

    Three Seasons Skincare Subscription

    Elevate Your Essence

    Personally sourced and selected, 100% natural and organic skin care products that focus on seasonal skin needs. Free from synthetic colorant and always cruelty-free.

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  • All season skincare plans

    All Seasons Skincare Subscription


    Let your senses experience a rebirth and discover a new path towards beauty from the outside in. This is not just another beauty box or another beauty product…

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mindful gifts

It is believed by many that wet-cold months are better for the skin due to less exposure to sun and pollution, and a lessor need to exfoliate. However, the low humidity draws moisture from the skin, making the skin prone to irritation and rashes. Adding Transcendence Facial Oil at bedtime and morning could be ideal for fighting dryness and irritation. Alternatively, our Hyacinth Facial Mist could be your on-the-go friend to ensure that you replenish your hydration level throughout the day. Hot weather increases blood flow in the skin, which increases skin permeability, enabling the skin to absorb products more. The warm-hot months can also make the skin complexion become more oily, which makes it more susceptible to breakouts and rashes. Each of our subscription beauty boxes will contain products and scents that will help you to transition between seasons.

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All season skincare plans

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